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treatment ideas for gas due to IBS?
Question for everyone... Can anybody suggest some treatments to help reduce gas. I sometimes have constipation and other times diahrea but the gas is the worst. It is what gets in the way of normal living most of the time. Any ideas are good. Don't worry that I might have heard them before.

Have you been tested for intolerance to specific foods? That might be the easiest way to avoid the gas. If you have intolerance, you will get the extreme bloating and gas when you eat those foods. You can test it yourself too by avoiding certain foods for a few weeks at a time.

I have been tested and no specific foods cause a reaction which means most foods do. I have tried eliminating dairy, wheat and certain vegetables but nothing was very effective. Thanks for the suggestion anyways.

Have you taken Gas-X, Maalox or any related medications? Those are the obvious ways to reduce gas. Another option are the probiotics to help overpower the bacteria in your gut that are creating all the gas. This would be the next option if eliminating certain foods is not helping you.

I have tried different types of yogourt and that didn't help, but are you talking about the small vials you can get in health food stores.? I was thinking about trying but I had no idea how effective they are. I didn't want to make things worse.

It might be. I am not sure, but there are a number of types of probiotics. Some come as pills or capsules. If you go to your pharmacy, they should have some that you can try. The ones from the pharmacy will not likely make your IBS worse and they are are a simple option to experiment. There is growing research showing that probiotics do work.

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