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No More Gummy Bears Because Of IBS
I can't eat gummy bears for me. This really saddens me considering I would love to eat them as a kid. It really upsets my stomach now. Does anyone else hve this reaction to sugar or candies?
So is it specifically gummy bears? Or is it sugar and candies in general that upset your stomach now?
The problem is with IBS that processed foods can trigger a flare. It's best to eat natural foods, because then at least you're giving your digestive system a fighting chance. Another thing to consider is that the sugars and chemicals in sweets are likely to upset your system. IBS is not a black and white condition - there are any number of variables. If something upsets you, you just have to accept it and move on, rather than stress over it. IBS feeds on stress.
I can usually eat any sweets I want but I can't eat cheesecake in large amounts. Actually, I can't really eat more than one piece. It upsets my stomach and makes going to the bathroom somewhat painful. I also have a similar problem with rice, but I don't think it's related.

Sorry about the gummy bears. Have you tried the sugar-free kind?

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