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employment options when you cannot be around people
I decided not to return to university in the fall because of newly diagnosed IBS and unmanaged symptoms. I do want to go back but that will be once I don't have to run to the toilet 10 times per day and don't have loud stomach noises that disrupt the profs speaking. I would like some suggestions for work for someone with little experience. This summer is has not been good for employment for me. My mother is helping to pay the bills but since my parents separated, neither has much money so I don't want to be a burden. Any ideas for employment that considers my condition would be helpful!!!

If you can write well, you could consider writing. As long as you have a computer, you can do this anywhere, even while on the toilet. Many companies online will pay for articles. They better you are the more you can get paid although the earnings are not amazing. You might also be able to work answering calls. I can't remember where I saw it, but there were online companies that needed people to answer phone calls. Again it requires a computer and a phone. You cannot do this job on the toilet but it is something else to consider.

Working from home is ideal for people who are not able to function in the workplace. There are lots of online jobs you can do. Website testing pays well, you could also try article writing, spinning etc. The Digital Point forum is a good place to start - click on the buy/sell section.
Depending on your inkling, you could work on a farm, in a veterinary clinic or in some sort of animal daycare.. The animals aren't going to complain and they aren't so picky about the company.

Thanks for the suggestions. I looked online but the pay for articles isn't that good. I am also not a very good writer. I was in the math and sciences. I even looked up programming but the eLance type websites don't review well. I don't have much training in programming either so I would be learning only to have a miserable salary. Nobody is going to hire me if don't have a degree. Maybe I will try to make websites and sell the services.

I am also looking at working with animals. A vet clinic won't work because I am allergic to cats but I could look after dogs or other animals. It would be nice to be outside too.

You don't need to be a very good writer, you have a competitive in the article writing market if you are a natural English speaker. Most writers are not natural English speakers. I've seen plenty poorly-written articles sold for 15-20 dollars. If you spend time researching the subject matter you will make decent money if you write a few articles per day.
(2012-08-12 10:15 PM)veiledBeauty Wrote: I am also looking at working with animals. A vet clinic won
t work because I am allergic to cats but I could look after dogs or other animals. It would be nice to be outside too.

You could pick up odd jobs like dog walking and whatnot, too. So long as it
s in your area, then you can stop back at your place for bathroom breaks, right? The exercise would also help your IBS.
You are describing life as I know it right now. Like you I have existing medical conditions IBS just being one of them, fortunately its under control unlike the others. As some have said there is work to be found online, its not always easy to find the jobs and your are competing with many different people who are also trying. One way you can also find work is to put in a search engine legitimate work from home. There are websites that list real legitimate jobs that are being posted online for those who want to work as a freelancer. I won't tell you this is easy, I have only had one job that paid me well doing this, and that one didn't last. That is something else to keep in mind with online work, always have more then one source of income. You never know when one of these jobs will fall through due to various reasons, so its always a good idea to have more then one job at one time if possible.
I agree with most of what's been said here. You can consider freelancing as a writer, an editor, a graphic designer - whatever your talents are. If you used to teach, there are many online programs where you meet (or not) your students only through the Internet.
In fact, the opportunities online are almost endless these days.

I wish you the best of luck!

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