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using marijuana for OA pain?
Forty years being a farmer has sure done some work on this old body. I have cartilage in rough shape in every joint. My doc says the xrays tell the whole story - a real mess. All the lifting I did has made a real mess of my ankles, knees, hips and back.

I had been using ibuprofen for all the pains. Then another farmer friend with MS told me that there is nothing better than marijuana for the pain. I kept saying I would pass for more than a year whenever he offered. He could see I was in pain when we visited but I wasn't going to touch the stuff. I have never had time for half brain drugged out washouts and their liberal crap, but my friend finally convinced me to treat it like any other pain medication.

It sure works I have to say. They should make it legal as a medication because there are no real side effects and thats something. They don't need to make the rest legal but this would be good for a lot of people who are hurting.

So, question is, is anybody else using marijuana for their OA pain and do you get it legally from somwhere?

I have never tried the stuff myself and I would need more convincing to do so. I have a nephew who developed serious addiction problems so I know I am biased. I also hate the smell of the stuff. It makes second hand cigarette smoke smell good.

I manage well enough with antiinflammatories and Advil. I was on Ibuprofen but it was wreaking havoc with my gut.

Marijauna is legally prescribed at medical marijauna dispensaries. Medical marijauna is legal in 17 states including California, Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Oregon and Washington. The possession limit in these states varies from 1 oz to as much as 24 oz.

I've never used it for pain personally but I know it has saved the lives of many people, I watched a documentary about it.
Here in Canada, there are legal ways to get marijuana and I have heard that people with cancer and nerve pain problems get the stuff as needed. I haven't yet ventured down that path in recent years but would if my pain was too much. I might not if I was living where could get a criminal record over it, but here it can be done as long as your only carrying so much at a time.

On a side note, I do think that the whole war on drugs is being handled in backwards manner. We have created gang warfare in Mexico and still not closed down drug use here. I think that injury prevention and treatment programs would be a much better use of the money than fences at the border, helicopters in the sky and high speed boats in the ocean.

I agree on the war on drugs. I think the war on drugs is just an excuse to intervene and control other countries. The war on drugs has been a monumental failure.

With regards to marijauna for pain etc - you can buy vaporizers or you can cook with marijauna, you don't have to smoke it.
I don't think we would see eye to eye on how to fight the drug problem but I think marijuana can be handled like a pain killer. As long as you use it for that purpose, its legit. If you start using it at parties, while your driving or at work, you need jail time just like any other addict.

The marijuana works far better than Ibuprofen or Advil if you need something to compare with.

It becomes hard to have that freedom to make one drug legal and another illegal when they are all lumped together and labeled as bad. I suspect that many illegal drugs might have some medical benefits for specific purposes. It is rather arbitrary that these drugs are inaccessible but alcohol and guns for that matter are available. I think it is a matter of punishing for the crime instead of labeling items good or bad by their very existence.

Indeed, alcohol is far more harmful drug but it is legal and socially accepted. The science has proved that cannabis should be declassified because it is less harmful than most drugs.

The main problem with cannabis is the way it is smoked, with tobacco - which causes cancer. Inhale via a vaporizer or eat it and you negate that.
If you want to marijuana, you don't have to smoke it. You can get sprays, drops, creams or you can buy baked goods with it. I have never used marijuana but I went to Amsterdam one year and came back very educated about it after my curiosity had me wander into one of the many "coffee" shops there. I didn't dare try anything because I am not someone who likes a buzz, but I saw many of the products they have. It is very eye opening to visit.

Good point bikingfan. You can take it 'safely' in the form of creams, food, sprays etc and these are the mediums I would use if I needed to use cannabis for meidical reasons. And lets not beat around the bush - many people do NEED it to cope with their conditions, it makes their lives worth living and pain-free.

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