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How effective are natural laxatives for constipation?
Have any of you tried using natural laxatives like senokot for the occassional bout of constipation? I took one senokot tablet last night and it hasn't had any effect whatsoever.
(2012-08-02 06:24 AM)shaun Wrote: Have any of you tried using natural laxatives like senokot for the occassional bout of constipation? I took one senokot tablet last night and it hasn
t had any effect whatsoever.
I know it probably goes across your healthy eating goals, Shaun, but licorice is a very effective laxative. My husband loves it, and when he overdoes it - which he often does - he turns out everything, and then some. Prunes are also good for getting things moving. I never suffer from constipation myself, but I know a few people who do, and senokot never seems to do the trick.

I've done some more research and there seems to be some controversy about the role of fiber in constipation. There is a hypothesis that fiber causes constipation because it bulks out the stools - making the stool difficult to pass. There are also studies which have shown fiber doesn't improve constipation.
I've used laxatives in the past and they've never really worked for me. I also don't really think fiber plays a huge role in my digestive problems. I have trouble passing stool of any kind. Whether it's all hard and dry or if it's liquified, it's always difficult to do. I spend around an hour or two in the bathroom each day, not including when I shower or brush my teeth.
I have told people this who take laxatives that don't seem to work, drink a cup of hot tea, doesn't matter if its herbal or not. Somehow drinking the hot liquid helps lubricate. Also, as far as natural laxatives go, I think its important to keep in mind that these should still be used with caution, natural laxatives such a Senna can still be harsh on the system even if they are natural. I never heard about licorice being used before, that's interesting thing to know, I might try that one.
Having spent hours over the last few days reading, and writing, posts regarding IBS, something seems to become more and more clear.
IBS is a blanket term used to cover all intestinal/bowel problems that can't be diagnosed as anything specific.
Very similar to people like myself who suffer from high blood pressure. Hyper-tension is used to describe it when there is no apparent cause for the symptoms.
Reading the posts IBS seems to affect so many people in so many different ways and different treatments, diets etc. seem to work for some and not others. With reference to the tea drinking. I am a big tea drinker, anything up to eight to a dozen cups a day, yet has no effect when I when I am suffering one of my bloating periods.
The human body is renowned for adapting. Maybe the answer is variety, just to try and fool it a little.
I haven't had a lot of success with natural laxatives. However, I haven't tried licorice. But I've eaten copious amounts of prunes before with no real luck. I also drink a lot of teas that are supposed to help aid digestion. I almost always get more than enough fiber each day and drink a lot of water and tea. Nonetheless, I still struggle with constipation. I'm wondering if I just have a food intolerance or something.
I haven't tried as well natural laxatives. Smile My tea will help me, but there will be a tendency that it won't help. I agree with the other person (who posted here) that try once in a while but not totally overdo it.

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