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Uncontrolled gas from IBS
Hello, I could really use some help. I am almost trapped in my home because I am unable to control the passing of gas. I have had IBS-C with bloating and gas for all my life but now the gas just comes on its own. I have passed wind at work while talking to coworkers. I excused myself and blamed it on an upset stomach but it was very embarrassing. I also passed gas in the line at the petrol station. It made a noise and was very foul smelling. I had to apologize profusely but I was so embarrassed that I left shaking. I met with some friends and their friends at a restaurant and did the same thing. I was mortified and cried when I got home. This problem is ruining my social interactions.

I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and whether it is something else I will have to suffer with?

My brother had a problem with foul smelling gas, especially when exercising. We just laughed about it so it didn't bother him as much as it bothers you. He overcome the problem by cutting out grains and cabbage.

I think you should be open with your co-workers and tell then you have IBS, instead of hiding it and making yourself even more stressed.
Are you on any sort of modified diet for your IBS-C and have you slipped in your diet? You mentioned going to restaurants and that is usually something people with IBS have trouble with. That is why I ask. Have you taken products such as Gas-X or probiotics to help manage the gas?

Gas-X and probiotics have been a part of my treatment and diet in recent years and they have largely controlled the symptoms. I largely eat well and when I go to a restaurant, I am very careful. I still have constipation but not nearly as bad as I might were it not for the changes I have made. No, this problem with the excessive gas is new despite my best efforts to manage the condition. It is very disappointing.

Are you producing more gas than normal or is it only the control of the gas? As we get older, our muscles weaken so this might be why you are having more difficulty controlling it if you aren't producing more. Kegel exercises could be helpful to strengthen the pelvic area and anal sphincter.

Have you tried Digestive Advantage Gas Defense Formula? This is worth trying to see if it can reduce the gas you are producing. I would also see your doctor to determine if you have yeast overgrowth in your gut. They can create quite a lot of gas.

I am not really certain whether I am creating more gas or simply having trouble controlling myself. It may be a combination of the two. In any case, I appreciate the suggestions! I will look into them. I have also scheduled an appointment with my GP because I have since had another incident. I need to understand whether I am to be confined to my home or whether there are other treatments that can maintain my dignity.

I do hope you have some success. IBS does have a tendency to make us feel isolated. Although it is small consolation, always feel free to express your frustrations and ask questions here.

I agree with nickNat, probiotics can relieve IBS symptoms. IBS is linked to an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut. Developing your gut flora can often relieve the symptoms. A good way to do this is via fermented food, yoghurt and probiotics. Once you have established good bacteria in your gut you will feel better I'm sure.
[[span id="docs-internal-guid-3437757c-1ff7-fbad-383b-4acb274fe8b0"]]Hey, IBS could be caused by a candida infection. I had embarrassing uncontrollable flatulence like you for a whole year and even going on the fodmaps diet didn't reduce it. The kind of flatulence was very frequent and even when eating foods that were fodmaps safe or typically healthier foods like veggies, fruit, wholegrain, meat, rice. Everything gave me flatulence, i felt it was ridiculous. It took me a year to discover it was candida in my intestines. Candida has a broad list of symptoms you should check out and you may have other forms of it like a vaginal yeast infection. I didn't notice but during the year that i had candida infection i was lethargic, more anxious, depressed, moody, unfocused and foggy-brained. I started a strict candida diet last week - eggs, meat, fish, low starch vegs, almonds, avocado, no fruit, sugar or wheat rye barley polenta oats buckwheat rice anything starchy and took antifungals coconut oil and pau d'arco tea at the same time. After 5 horrible days of die off symptoms yeast was visible in my stool and i felt relieved that my candida was real. Probiotics are also a must to fight the candida as well as rebalance the gut flora which is key to recovering from ibs. A good one i've found after tiring research is Jarrow Dophilus. I have IBS-C too and probiotics will definitely help with regularity preventing any breeding ground for the candida. The strict diet should be continued for a few weeks to a couple months and after that maintain a diet that allows only restricted amounts of sugar and lower carb grains like buckwheat quinoa brown rice and other lower sugar vegs/fruit/nuts. All sugar - fructose, dextrose, lactose and more- feed candida so be careful of anything and check labels . It's a hard process but I'm already feeling better after a week and i see light at the end of the tunnel.

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