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Using Fermented Foods To Help IBS?
Fermented foods contain lots of good bacteria which combat bad bacteria in the gut, and bacteria overgrowth is thought to be a cause of IBS. The fermenting process also makes the food more digestible.

Do you eat fermented foods? Would you consider fermenting?
I've just taken a look around fermented foods, as I did not realise exactly what qualified. It turns out I eat quite a lot, as I pickle my own olives from the olive tree in the garden, and eat aged cheese, live yogurt and creme fraiche, as well as making my own sauerkraut.

I dont have IBS now - the medication for my RA and Lupus has cured it - but many of these foods are recommended for the anti-inflammatory diet I'm following. One thing I'd caution against is cured sausage and salami, which also come under the fermented foods description. They contain a lot of salt and saturated fat, so they probably shouldn't be part of a healthy diet.

Another thing I'd question is the presence of beer on the list. Wouldn't that add to the poblems of IBS, as most beers are quite gassy?
Yep, fermented foods are actually quite common around the world, you mentioned most of the common examples. Creme fraiche is fermented cream, wine is fermented grapes etc.

It depends how you respond, alcohol can trigger IBS and there are better fermented food options. Sauerkraut is my favourite.
I eat a lot of sauerkraut as well, and it certainly does aid digestion much more quickly than most foods.

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