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Seeking Experience Regarding Hearing Aid Implants?
Does anyone have any hearing aid implants? My sister's daughter has about 70% hearing loss and we are looking into getting her an implant.
I don't have an implant but I looked into getting one earlier in my life. My conclusion was just regular hearing aids are preferable, at least for now. The technology used to implant a device in your ear destroys much of your cochlea. So you may never need to take it out and such, but you'll also never be able to recover if they develop a treatment in the future. I opted to not get the surgery and keep my hearing aids and I'm glad I did. In just ten years the hearing aid technology has improved so much it would have made my surgery seem extremely archaic and obselete (Not to mention permanent and unchanging). I would go with regular hearing aids. Wait a mere ten years and they'll have vastly better options.
My brother has been quite deaf since his Army days, but he always refused to have hearing aids, as they were so noticeable. A couple of years ago, he went for digital hearing aids. They've come down in price considerably since they first came on the market, and they're completely invisible to casual observers and acquaintances. I'd say go for those, rather than having invasive surgery. As Writer811 says, technology is moving forward all the time.
Yes, the technology of a hearing aid has come a long way. These are no longer the large conspicuous things that they use to be. They now are small and fit completely in the ear. I think that maybe looking into one of these first and seeing if it will work effectively for your neice might be a better way to go then surgery, which can have complications. Talk to a doctor and see what they would recommend your neice do.
It is still recommended for kids to have the behind-the-ear, so that they can replace the piece in the ear every couple of years as the child ear is growing. Once you reach full growth, then yes, you can get the really small ones. But if one does a lot of movement and excersice, or stuff that cause one to sweat, then you have to be careful. Just something to keep in mind.

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