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osteoarthritis and muscle pain
Its been 7 years since I was diagnosed with OA and mostly I have adapted. I know the pain and stiffness to expect and how to avoid it. I take medications when I need it and generally do alright. The wierd thing that I now have is strange muscle pains. I have pains in my calves and in the muscles on the back of my arms and in my big leg muscles. They will develop over the day or sometimes I way up with them. I am interested to know if this is a next stage of OA or something else?

The muscle pains come with the OA. I know, I have them too. Sometimes I just have to take pain medications to even be able to sleep even if I have no joint pain. I don't know if the pains are referred pain from the joint, pain from constant inflammation or pain because we use the muscles unnaturally to avoid the pain. Over the years, these pains have become worse for me too.

Suffice it to say, this does not make you particularly special in terms of pain!

Thanks for the answer. I have never considered myself that special at all. My wife makes that clear all the time! At least it is expected pain. I was spending too much time self diagnosing myself and thinking of all the conditions that I might have. I gotta remind myself that I am not a doctor, not a doctor

I too get muscle pains and in my case, I think it is because I hobble along from stiffness and pain in my hip. Hot showers and a heating pad are my best friends for managing the muscle pain. A massage every once in a while is also quite nice. I try to avoid the pain medications because of the side effects and the heat works for me. I hope that you find a way to mange your pains.

Your muscles will become tight and stiff if you are not exercising your muscles. This stiffness can result in pain. You need to do your best to try and remain active. I know it's very difficult when you have osteoarthritis but there are ways around it, swimming is a good option.
Are you drinking enough water to hydrate yourself daily, also your potasssiun level may be down. Eas bananas or take a potassium pill every now and then. This happens to me at times and I have to increase my water intake. Because I get severe cramps and pain, unless I drink water immediately. Good luck.
In the past year or so, I've developed muscle pain in the area of both my hips and down my legs. The doctor attributes this to Osteoarthritis, and sometimes even hot baths don't help much, but that's just my case. I do take muscle relaxers at night for the pain, and yes, it is a good idea to drink alot of water for hydration (something I don't do alot myself!). I'm the same way though, I often self-diagnose myself instead of seeing my doctor on a regular basis. :D
I have had some muscle pain as well, especially lately in the back part of my left calve near my knee, which has severe OA. My sister suspects it has to do with the way I'm walking, which is partially sideways, because of OA pain. So even though OA can attack the joints it can apparently also cause muscle pain, because of the way we move as a result or it, or even the way we tighten up due to the pain.
The Omega-3 that I have been taking does a lot to relieve my OA pain. But I am noticing more fatigue lately, and I am thinking that I should increase my exercising, and try to do a llittle more than I have been doing. Does anyone keep to an exercise routine and does it help? Thanks.
I suffer from osteoarthritis and so did my mother for many years. She used to take magnesium for the muscle cramps and it works very well. Magnesium relaxes everything and is very useful as a sleep aid I find. There are several different forms of it and some say magnesium oxide doesn't work as well but considering it is the cheapest alternative I gave it a try and find it works for me as well as any. Magnesium Chelete is touted as the best but I'm not sure. On the downside be prepared for some loose stool until your body gets accustomed to it.

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