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Can hereditary hypertension be beat?
Are you doomed to have a life of hypertension just because every memeber of your family has it? Has anyone whose had it in this circumstance been able to beat it? This is what my husband is facing, but has also just lost a good deal of weight by eating healthy, while the rest of his family is obese.

So, can hereditary hypertension be beat by diet and exercise and lifestyle changes?
I also come from a family of hypertensives - both my parents died way too young from blood pressure-related illnesses. Your husband has done the right thing by losing his excess weight, but not all hypertensives are obese. My mother was normal weight, and my father could have gained around 20lbs and still not been overweight.

Lifestyle hypertension can usually be cured with exercise and diet, but hereditary hypertension is more complex. Although my brother and I now have normal blood pressure, after one or two scares over the years, we've both been told that we need to remain on medication for life, because of the hereditary factor, and because we've both had incidences of very high, potentially fatal, blood pressure. Talk to your doctor about this, but judging from my experience, and what I've heard from others, it's always going to be there in the background.
Well, you never get rid of hypertension, but your husband is definitely on the right track of how to control it. Diet and exercise as well as obtaining a healthy weight can be key in keeping hypertension under control. However, once a person is diagnosed they live with the condition for the rest of their lives, but through medication, and good healthy practices it can be controlled. I wish I could say that your husband will beat the genetic factors, but unfortunately doctors ask for our family history of medical issues for a reason, this tells them what conditions are genetically present in our family, so they know what to look out for. But as I said before your husband is still doing the right thing to insure that even if he should be diagnosed with hypertension somewhere down the line, he will be able to control it.
Yes, hereditary hypertension or any disease can be treated or changes by proper diet along with regular exercise and stress relief life.
I come from a family where hypertension is hereditary on both sides of my family for as long back as they have records. It is something I have been aware of since I was younger and knew eventually it would hit me. Both my children are in their early twenties, healthy and fit and they both have high blood pressure. I was just recently diagnosed with it and I am trying to manage my diet but so far the number are still extremely high and that is with taking the maximum dosage of the blood pressure meds.
You can definitely beat hereditary hypertension! I've read that with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, even people with a strong family history of HBP have avoided the disease. So your husband is on the right track now with eating healthier and losing excess pounds.

The earlier you start, the better. Consume less salty foods and more fruits and vegetables. Drink more water to flush out toxins. Refrain from eating fatty and oily foods. Exercise regularly and avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. And lastly, try to stress less and be more positive.

Good luck and take care!
I have consistently defaulted on my meds and I am constantly warned about it. Sometimes when I default I don't even check to see what the numbers are. I know it's wrong. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am telling myself if I get up and get busy doing the right things for improved health I can beat it. My mom is both hypertensive and diabetic so the warning signs are there.

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