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DH is too stubborn to see a doctor!!
My husband has hypertension, but within the last couple of years he has lost about 30 pounds and is at his goal weight. The problem is he is one of those stubborn people who hates going to the doctor. The only reason we found out about his hypertension was because he had to be tested for a life insurance policy we wanted to get. So, knowing his BP was extremely high at that time, he dragged himself to see a doctor for medication.

Now that he's lost all this weight and is eating better, I feel he should go see his doctor to see if maybe he can cut out, or at least cut down, his medication. But he is as stubborn as a mule and refuses to go.

Has anyone else had to deal with this?
So why does he not want to go? Is he afraid he hasn't done enough? Does he just not like doctors?
Just calmly let him know that you love him and want him to be around for a long time so you want him to see a doctor to make that possible. I find that coming from a place of love instead of anger works wonders when working with stubborn people.
If hypertension runs in the family, or if it's been a long-standing problem, it's likely that he will need to be on medication for life. If he doesn't want to go to the doctor, I don't see how you can make him. My husband is just the same - although as soon as there's the slightest thing wrong with me he insists that I make an appointment. It's a man thing, obviously. On the positive side, he's done the right thing by losing his excess weight and eating healthily.
My hubby is the exact same way. I have to say that after his younger brother died from an unexpected stroke that he started taking his health more seriously. He had extremely high blood pressure, for which he takes meds for. But during his follow up visit, he was able to drop down some of his meds and he is feeling much better. YOur hubby's heart and vascular system is nothing to mess around with. My brother in law was 39 when he died. He needs to get his BP under control before its too late. I know that he doesn't think it can happen to him, but it can. And it will. It;s only a matter of time.
my DW has high blood pressure and she has to take med, but we are both slowly gaining weight and we know it is bad, but she is starting to have to take more meds because of it. So since he has lost weight, he should go back to the doctor, and the dr may tell him that he is fine now since he lost the weight.
Yup, my husband is just the same, refusing to go the dentist, to the doctor, to anywhere he might have to injected with, lol. Anyway, he is not hypertensive though but he is overweight, smokes, drinks alcohol and doesn't exercise. And for me, he is definitely on the risk factor for hypertension, bronchitis and a lot more diseases. But still, he won't budge, he won't even go just for an overall checkup.

I think the decision has to come from him. We cannot really force them but just guide them. Let them know that we are concerned and that we love them and we care about their health.
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