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Help about FODMap safe foods
I have been seeking different foods to reduce my IBS symptoms and for some diet change I am making but for some of them, I can't find enough information. Can anyone help me with these?

1) Hemp seed - I want this for protein because I wanted to cut down on the meat I eat. Pork is giving me gas, chicken is expensive and beef is red meat isn't healthy to eat very often.

2) Gluten-free bread - I think that my IBS has coeliac factors so I want to avoid gluten

Hemp seed should not be a problem but why not also consider lentils if you are trying to reduce the meat that you eat. They are nutritious and have decent amounts of fiber. As for the gluten-free bread, bread can cause problems in general for people with IBS. It can also contain a number of different ingredients that can cause digestive problems for those of us with IBS. I would suggest cutting down on the grains for a while to see if your symptoms get better. If they do, it would be worth it to shift to FODMAP safe vegetables instead.

How did you come up with these specific items? Is this a part of a larger dietary change for FODMAP or are you trying to change your diet for other reasons while considering low FODMAP?

I want a low meat diet with lots of vegetables to help me get healthier. My diet was never very good and since having IBS, I only cut certain foods without trying to have a healthy assortment of foods.

A book that you might find helpful for this is:

Low Fodmap Diet: Fructose Malabsorption Food Shopping Guide

You might also consider writing the author Sue Shepherd to see her take on specific foods.

I would recommend cutting out grains altogether, it worked wonders for me. Also, you could add fermented foods to your diet. Fermented foods are rich in friendly bacteria which fight the bad bacteria. Fermenting will also make the the food more digestible.

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