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eating protein before bed is helpful for insomnia
I had insomnia for 4 years. I have been sleeping good the last 4 months. The only thing I changed is eating meat- like beef, before bed and drinking O.J. The combo helps your blood sugar and stays in the system a while. It has helped so much. Have any of you tried this? did it work for you?
Eating an hour or so before bed can help you sleep. Sleep is linked to satiety, sleeping on an empty stomach is very difficult. Protein is the best macro-nutrient for satiety, eating a portion of protein will prevent you from feeling hungry through the night.
This makes sense. I usually crave carbs before bed because I'm usually starving from not eating during the day and then when I eat sweets I am just up for hours.
I haven't heard this before but I'm certainly willing to try, specifically since it has made such a difference for you. My diet has been pretty terrible lately and I'm finding it difficult to fall asleep, so I can definitely see a correlation.
Just to add, one of the reasons protein can be helpful is because it contains the amino acid tryptophan, which converts into serotonin, and then into melatonin - which plays an important part in the regulation of the sleep cycle - or circadian rhythm. But it is not just protein that helps you sleep. There are other foods and drinks which can help you sleep, as well as some you should stay away from as they can keep you up:-)
I sometimes think that my body performs in a way that is different to most other people.
In so many things, what appears to work for the majority has the exact opposite for me!

I'm not sure whether my sleeping habits would be classified as insomnia.
So long as I make sure that I am very tired before settling for the night, I have no problem with dropping off to sleep.
The problem is that invariably I will wake within two to three hours.
If I'm lucky and still groggy I can use the bathroom and drop back to sleep for another couple of hours.
Unfortunately on most occasions I feel so awake that the tv and laptop goes on, the tea is brewed and I will spend the next couple
of hours browsing the net until tiredness starts to take hold and I can grab another hour or two before waking again.
I've never tried sleeping agents and don't particularly want to as I hear so many different stories of addiction and side effects.
Eating nothing after my evening meal or having a sandwich just before turning in seems to make no difference.
Having suffered this for so many years I now just accept it and try to turn the waking hours to my advantage.

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