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Sigmoid for banding hemorrhoids
I have IBS-C and a lot of hemorrhoids so my doctor is going to treat the hemorrhoids on my next visit. I am very happy for this. The nurse mentioned that I will be having a sigmoid as a part of the treatment but I am not sure what that is. When I google it, I find math information and information about the colon and anus but nothing about a test or treatment. What is a sigmoid?

The nurse was shortening the name of the treatment. She is referring to a sigmoidoscopy. It is similar to a colonoscopy where they explore the end part of the digestive system. It isn't as invasive as a colonoscopy as they do not go as deep. They only go to the the sigmoid colon which is after the rectum. The doctor will be doing this to identify any internal hemorrhoids that might also require treatment.

Thanks, that explains it. I just might have internal ones because I have been having a lot of pain when passing stool and a little blood here and there. That is why I went in in the first place. I will be so glad to get rid of them.

I do not want to burst your bubble but hemorrhoids have a tendency to return so you may not have relief for long. I just wanted to mention this so you were not let down later.

Thanks, I know they can come back. Sad I have not had any treatment for them before and I have developed quite a few to the point where my donut pillow is not really helping. Relief that lets me at least use the pillow is sufficient for me to consider it a success.

I have had IBS and hemorrhoids in the past so I know how you must be feeling. I had internal hemorrholds but they went away without medical treatment, thankfully.

It would be good if you could tell us how your treatment went, I hope it goes well.
Hemorrhoids can be annoying and painful. I have had my fair share over the years, fortunately though mine seem to be external. Not that their any less painful or annoying but it seems like the internal ones are the ones that can cause the most trouble with causing constipation and bleeding if they become. This is probably why doctors feel the need to remove these with the procedure you had done if necessary. But with external they tend to leave them alone and tell an individual there are treatments they can use over the counter. Unfortunately regardless of what you do for them once you've had Hemorrhoids it seems like they flair up again and again.
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