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doctors will not look at my knee osteoarthritis
really hating the medical establishment right now... am only 28 and three diff doctors have looked at my OA. none wants to do nothing with me so young. am at stage 3 OA in one knee and 4 in the other and can barely walk. they say TKR don't last that long so they do nothing. i can't work and i can't enjoy life. who cares if i can't walk when i am old! would like advice please Sad

That does seem to the response from many doctors. The implants are only rated to last 10-15 years so they are being conservative and not offering that option. I know your frustration because this was the exact same response that I received. I wanted to scream because of the pain and immobility.

In addition to the medications, The only suggestions that I can offer are that if you are overweight, do exercise to reduce your weight. That extra weight is really hard on the joints. Also consider taking up swimming to strengthen your leg muscles so that they can help with the alignment of your knee in the joint. That can be helpful as well. Lastly, look into braces for the leg to help take weight off of the joints. This can help too.

Unfortunately, there is no one good solution to help you with the problem.

I feel very bad for you I had both knees replaced. Try to find a fourth doctor, a good one. Plead with him to do the operation. That you can't walk now. If you have to do it again, tell him you will deal with it then. You can convince him. Tell him you don't want to become addicted to pain pills. This is serious. Make your case. Good luck.
thanks. some different ideas there. things i hadn't though about. i just can't believe they can't do nothing. haven't they thought of joints with replacement parts? go in through a small hole and change the wearing area. reattach to the part that lasts the whole life. it doesn't seem so hard.

I have no real background on how complex it is to get implants approved. I am sure the criteria are very rigorous so they do not end up making people's lives worse. I do know your frustration though even if I had not tried to solve the problem in my head. I am resigned to looking after myself as much as possible to slow the wear and tear and reduce the pain.

You mentioned that you cannot work. I do not want to come across as contrary but you can find work. Computer work, telephone work, work at a desk with your hands is all possible to keep you employed. I know that it can seem overwhelming when you feel like your life has been taken away by the disease, but we really have to fight it. Having some enjoyment in your life is an important way of keeping perspective in living with the disease. I do hope that you find something to be positive about.

thanks for the positive thoughts...
Hi kallan, try to search for a legitimate job working at home, doing telephone work. I used to work for Purple Heart, at home solicitating for donations. The Breast Cancer Centers need workers at home for solication, research them in your area. There should be some home telephone work out there, you could find. Don't give up on your quest for the operation, keep searchng for a doctor who will listen. In the meantime Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules reduce inflammation in the body, that might help with pain.. Good luck.
Most doctors will be unwilling to operate on someone so young unless it is absolutely necessary, not to mention the costs. Have you tried to improve your condition though an anti-inflammatory and omega-3 rich diet? You might be surprised by the impact this can have.
So true Shaun, I purchased Omega-3 for reducing cholesterol and was pleasantly surprised, that it reduced the inflammation and pain in my back. Great product.

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