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Adapting to the night shift and getting enough sleep
My latest job has me working night shift and after 3 weeks working this way I don't think I am adapting well. I am so tired that I can't even think straight. Is anyone here doing the same thing and having some tricks to make it work for them?

I do not work night shift but from my understanding of the circadian rhythms, I think you need to make the place really bright and warmer when you wake up and dark and cool for when you come home. This is the theory but I do not know how it really works in practice. I think you would need some heavy curtains or blinds and some extremely bright lights in your house to do this.

There are plenty of other suggestions on the internet for this. How well any of them work is really the question. I would just search in google to find a number of ideas.

I tried darkening the windows and it is actually really quite difficult. I have roller blinds and curtains and some light still gets through. I don't want to have cardboard in the windows but I may have to do that so that it is completely dark. The lighting was easier because you can get very bright lights. I darkened the entire back of my unit so the only light is coming from one end and when I close the door to my bedroom, it is dark there. We'll see how this works.

You can also darken and cool the room by adding solar shades outside. The heaviest ones really reduce the incoming light and heat so it will make it easier to cool your bedroom.

I have experienced this myself when I started working nights. It took me about a month to adapt, you are nearing the adaption stage. Give yourself a few more weeks and see if you adapt to the new routine. The most important part of dealing with night shifts is to sleep well during the day, I know this can be difficult but there are ways around it.
I don't actually have any issues adjusting myself, but I've been on and off the shifts so much that it almost seems normal to me.

Do you have trouble when it's not pitch black? If so, then hopefully the changes you made are enough. Consider getting an eye mask and maybe some ear plugs, too, if the sounds bother you. Or a noise machine.

Also, I find that if I skip sleep one of the days that beyond that exhaustion, the following day when I sleep, I am automatically on track. The night sucks, but then your body is ready for sleep and expects it at the same time the next day.
I have never personally worked night shift, however my dad has for over 30 years now. He usually takes half an anti-depressant after lunch in the afternoon when he tries to have a nap, because he says it helps slow his mind down and makes him a little drowsy.
Each to their own but I think there are better options for aiding sleep. Chamomile tea will make you feel slightly drowsy and relaxed. He could also take a herbal sleep supplement like Nytol. Has he ever tried drinking chamomile tea? I would definitely recommend it.
Back in the day, I was working as a DJ. Obviously, it's a night time job. I used to get back home at 6-7 in the morning. So, I had enough time to sleep until my next shift at 10-11 in the evening.

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