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What is best time of day to take Zegerid?
I am a bit confused by the prescription that my doctor just prescribed for Zegerid. The pharmacist said that I am supposed to take it before bed but the pill bottle label says to take it an hour before meals. There is no way I am eating before bed or I will be suffering all night. I don't know if the doctor wants me to take it before bed or this is just the pharmacist. When do most people take this?

I would follow the advice of your pharmacist. Your pharmacist didn't order you to take the pill before meals, you don't need to eat before bed if you don't want to. I have taken a similar drug in the past, it worked well initially, but the effectiveness gradually diminished over time.
I am not taking Zegerid but I take my medications twice a day. I take them once in mid morning and once in the early evening. I am on 40 mg Pepcid and a twice daily PPI of 20 mg. That works for me.

The right time completely depends on when you are experiencing the worst reflux. I do not think taking the medication at night is a problem at all. I believe that they recommend to take Zegerid/Prilosec/omeprazole an hour before a meal in order to make your meal easier with less reflux.

I am not sure when is the worst time. I have a regular burning feeling after some meals. Other times, it just gets so uncomfortable. I think my doctor wants me to take it before bed because I told him I was waking up hoarse some mornings.

Even if you have the acid coming at different times, you should take the medication consistently. Only antacids and products like Pepcid can act quickly in response to the acid.

Please do not rely on what others are doing because each case is different. You need to get clarity from your doctor to know what is correct. All it should take is a call to their office.

I did call. From reading forums I was getting more confused about what was best. Thank for helping everyone!

What did the doctor/pharmacist say then?

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