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Reversing diabetes
This is an interesting article by a Physician who uses the paleo diet to treat diabetes patients. He claims to have reversed diabetes using the paleo diet. Have a look at the article and see what you think.
I can see why this would work. It cuts out all of the processed junk that is in the modern american diet. I mean, how many cavemen had diabetes?
I think developing type II diabetes was impossible for our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Carbohydrates are not abundant in the wild, they would have consumed much less carbohydrates and refined sugar.

Low Carb High Fat diets are becoming more popular. Many doctors are having success treating diabetes using this diet.
Take a look at []this[] suggested diet, it's awful. I can't imagine existing on such a low calorie intake, I would be so miserable. Be warned, some of the comments on the linked article are a bit harsh, but then you come to expect that from people who assume that people with type II diabetes, are all the size of a cow. Clueless and badly misinformed.

I like the Paleo approach, but it would also take some getting used to, and I'm saying that as an unabashed carnivore. I'm currently working gluten out of my diet, and once I've managed that, I'm going to aim for reducing other elements that don't help.
It is hard to go on any type of restrictive diet. Madison Avenue does a very effective job at getting people to want food that is not healthy. Education is the key and even our schools feed us unhealthy items.
What's important is that you cut down carbs and fats, which causes obesity. Obesity is one factor associated with DM II. Plus, exercise is necessary.
There is research going back to the 1980's which proves that type II diabetes can be reversed with a proper diet that is low in carbohydrates and focuses on using healthy forms of fat. UCLA even did a study on it and found that most would even show improvement in as little as three weeks.

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