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How to Cope With High Blood Pressure at a Young Age
Hello. I am Kali and I'm 20 years old. I was diagnosed wit high blood pressure about 2 years ago. They started me on 50mg of metoprolol tartrate once a day, but when it did not work, they upped my dosage to 50mg twice a day. I am constantly suffering with my high blood pressure and it hurts me both physically and emotionally. I am so young and I hate having to wake up each day and take medication that ultimately makes me feel terrible, either way.

Does anyone have any tips with coping at such a young age?

Is it possible to diet, lose weight, and beat the high blood pressure?

I am really beside myself here and I feel so alone.
First of all your not alone, many of us have high blood pressure and deal with it on a daily basis. This condition like so many others doesn't care how young or old you are. So what can we do to combat it, well diet and exercise can help. Your doctor can no doubt tell you of a good diet and exercise program to go on. I know its hard but you have to continue to take your prescribed blood pressure medicine. I know its hard because at first I lived in denial not understanding how important this really was till my doctor told me in no uncertain terms about the importance. Another thing you can do is cut down on your salt intake, not exactly easy I know because sodium is a preservative used in so many packaged foods. There is something else that you need to understand and come to terms with because I had to as well as so many others diagnosed with high blood pressure, this condition will never go away. All you can do is get it under control and keep it under control through diet, exercise and of course medication.

My 19 year old brother was diagnosed with pre hypertension a few months ago. He is still being monitored. Sometimes its extremely high and other times its almost normal, but he doesn't want to take medication. He has always been active so that's not the case. He now eats several celery stalks each day and includes raw garlic in most of his meals. At least he has fainted due to high blood pressure since his first diagnosis. Your advantage is that you are still young. With proper care, your body may be able to fully recuperate.
HP runs in my family and both of my children, ages 28 and 25 have been diagnosed with HP some years ago now. The doctors don't want to put them on meds because of their age so they monitor them on a regular basis. Both of them are very active and neither of them are overweight. They have to follow a strict die and manage their stress levels which seem to be a trigger for both of them. They both have very stressful careers and busy family lives. It is definitely something they will deal with their entire lives. I just recently started BP meds myself.
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Hi Kali
Welcome to the forum and follow these effective tips to beat high blood pressure.
Engage in regular workout plans to beat high blood pressure and depression. Watch what you eat. prefer raw food over processed food and drink more water than routine. Minimize salt and stimulants from the daily routine and engage in activities you like most.

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