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We[[sq]]re Not Sure If My Uncle Has Ringworm or Not
My uncle has a funny looking welt on his arm. He had it for several days prior to going to see a doctor about it, where the doctor identified it as ringworm. I don't normally question doctors but from what I know about ringworm, this doesn't seem like it at all. For one thing, it's not a ring. It's one solid welt. Also, isn't ringworm highly contagious? He had it for days without knowing what it was and nobody else caught it (There are 3 other people living in the same house). Does ringworm ever appear to not be ringworm? Is this a case of mistaken identity? What can you tell me? His welt almost appears to be a burn except he never burned his arm.
It is possible to not have a ring like shape. The "ring" part of ring worm relates to the ring of puss surrounding the wound. My ring worm morphed into an irregular shape as a child. I lived with 4 others and they didn't get it. The only way they could is if they would have directly touched the pus.
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