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PMS and Menstrual Migraines
I'm so glad I found this forum and a safe haven to ask these types of questions. I have been suffering from PMS migraines for 3 years now. It is a blinding pain - you can't stand light and it's like a pounding in my hard that makes me cry. It's literally the worse headache ever in my life. What causes menstrual migraines? Do you have any suggestions on how to deal? Who else here suffers from that?
I do not know what necessarily is the root cause of them, but I have them too. They have gotten better as I have gotten older. I always find that sleep helps, but maybe that is just because it passes the time. Also, taking 3 Advil at the first sign of my period tends to ease the pain and taking 2 every 6-8 hours after that for the next few days helps. Yuck they are awful huh?
Thanks for sharing info about Advill. So far I have been taking Excedrin Migraine. But I just want to prevent them, period! Maybe the weather makes it worse. When it is human, it feels even worse. Maybe the atmospheric pressure already affects your hormones. I will keep looking for more holistic remedies and post them here.
Have you ever been on birth control before? It can do amazing wonders for all sorts of PMS. Your migraines may because of a hormonal imbalance around that time or the stress of other issues on your body, so by balancing it out with BC, you could get a lot of relief.

I used to suffer blinding migraines around my period when I was a teen and then I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (a hormone imbalance causing cysts on the ovaries) and was put on appropriate medication - I haven't suffered since! I am not saying you have PCOS but the hormone imbalance theory may well be worth looking into.
Well this actually isn't too uncommon. One of the causes of migraines is hormonal imbalances in the body, so when a woman has PMS or her period she could acquire a migraine. Some may have this happen every once in awhile some not all but for others this can happen every month. So what can be done for it, well one thing to do is toe see a doctor, there could be another underline cause along with the period that can be causing the migraines, as someone stated above and use an effective pain medication. I don't suffer from migraines during that time of month but I have had severe cramps, and am now taking Ibuprofen during that time of month to help me get through it.

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