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Worst pain from IBS?
Bloating is something that I am always experiencing so I know that pain. Since Thursday I have had bad pain on my left side under the ribs. I am assuming this is a variation on IBS pains but wanted to run it by others?

That is one of the most common spots for IBS pain. I describe it as "cornering hard" on the colon bend that is located in that location. The pain from that can be quite significant so I think it is a new IBS pain that you are experiencing.

Thanks for the background. I first thought it was a strain, but it was happening while cramps and bloating were getting worse.

I have experienced that pain too but it doesn't last too long. It is just miserable so having it that long is an ordeal I am sure. If it does not go away in a week at the longest, you should ask your doctor to check for any blockages that might be contributing to the pain.

The area you are describing is a trouble spot for my brother, he has been suffering from IBS for 3 years now and he often feels pain just below his ribs. You should consult your doctor if the pain doesn't dissipate, it could be caused by something else...
There is no way I will even wait a week! I am just too uncomfortable. Thanks for the advice, though.

Well technically you posted this on the 7th so it has already almost been a week. Are you still experiencing the pains? Have you had a bowel movement at all that might've relieved any of the pressure?
It would also be helpful if you could divulge the food you typically eat. Certain foods will cause bloating while others will not. Personally, I've found that eating too much insoluble fiber in the form of vegetables can cause bloating and constipation.
I get a pain beneath my rib cage but above my pelvis that is so intense, I can't move when it comes on. No matter where I'm at, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and wait for it to pass. If I'm somewhere where this is an option I'll move just enough to lie down. It doesn't hurt so bad if I'm lying down. The pain goes away after 10-20 minutes and most of the time I only get it when I'm either going to the bathroom or just before.

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