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upcoming microfracture treatment for my knee
Hello, I am due to have microfracture treatment on June 21st but I don't have much information. I was supposed to get more details from the surgeon but he had to cancel my appointent and then I had to cancel the next one. I ended up getting information from a nurse over the phone instead. SHe said I could be unable to walk or even stand for as much as 6 weeks. I was not aware of this but I didn't want to put off the surgery so it is still on.

I would really like to know what other information I might be missing if anyone has had this treatment.

I have been on the forums for a while but I haven't seen anybody commenting on this. Do know know if the 6 weeks is because of the pain or because your body needs the time to heal? I think it might be that the body needs time to heal.

Basically you're breaking an area of your body. You're having them fracture tiny little areas. The end result is good but in the meantime, yes, you're going to need recovery time, just as you would've had you naturally broken those areas with another accident, ya know?

Because you're having it on your knee, too, then you need to be really careful about putting too much weight on it. I'm really shocked no one had told that you to prior to scheduling the surgery actually. Confused That's pretty key info...
I only know what I learned from the nurse. Since I wasn't really expecting her call I hadn't thought of all the questions. It makes sense that the body will need some time to heal. I was only thinking about it as if the knee wouldn't bend or would hurt a lot if I was to use it. I'll have to be careful after the surgery and ask the surgeon then about when I should use it.

I would certainly think you would need rehabilitation for the knee. As well as crutches, to keep the foot off the floor, so as not to put any pressure on the knee. Take it easy. Good luck.
Let us know how the surgery goes. Your information will be helpful for anyone else who might be considering such surgery.

I will try to do that. If I am off my feet for so long, I will certainly have time to spend on the computer!
Hello again,

I had my surgery exactly one week ago and I am quite surprised with the results. I was reading all over and there wasn't much to be found. Any experiences that I did find were describing disasters so I was quite nervous. For me, the recovery is going great so far. I am not moving much aside from the Continuous Passive Motion exercises (CPM) but I have no real problems bending my knee. It is just a little swollen.

I am glad you are doing well. It sounds very positive so far in my very untrained opinion. When is your followup with the doctor? Did you find out if the 6 weeks is just to let things heal?

The appointment won't be until 3 weeks after the surgery. I should be getting a call for the appointment soon enough. The 6 weeks is the worst case to recover but I was told to really not put weight on the knee to allow it to heal. The CPM is to promote the healaing.

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