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using a cane with RA
I just started using a cane to help me walk because my knees and ankles are so sore so much of the time. Now everyone I work with or know is asking me what happened. I have told many of them I had RA before but it is amazing how few remembered. When I tell them it is because of my RA, they tell me, I shouldn't need it. As if they know anything. Sometimes I would just like to throw away the cane to get rid of the attention, but then I would be falling everywhere.

Don't get rid of the cane! I am using one now because I fell and sprained my shoulder a couple of months ago. I was having numbness too and that doesn't help for balance either. I know what you mean about people asking all the time but I have changed how I think about it. Yes, some are curious or nosy. Other people are legitimately concerned so I just assume they are all concerned and thank them for the concern.

Just wait until you get a handicap badge for you car. Then watch as some of your coworkers start interrogating you why you should have it and all the special treatment. For something like RA where you have no physical symptoms, some people have no clue at all.

Don't worry so much about what other people say. They obviously don't know what they're talking about and you're simply doing what is best for you and your health. If you need the cane, then use the cane. End of story. If they can't respect that, then just give them a polite response and move on elsewhere because it's really none of their business.
Alicejn962, that must be a royal pain too. I am not there yet but I don't look forward to that. Can't people think that if you got the badge you probably had to prove it!

paintblot, you are certainly positive about it. I wish I could be but I just feel like everyone is involved in my personal business. I will learn to cope I guess and it should be better once the novelty wears off.

Anyway, that was my rant. Sometimes it would be nice if I could be as invisible as this disease!

Take the initiative, and the next time someone tells you you don't need the cane, ask them how they know. Are they medically qualified, and if so, why are they working in your office instead of making the most of their skills? Why do people assume that they can ask about personal stuff like illness and using a cane? They wouldn't like it if you started asking personal questions, so don't try to be invisible, stick up for yourself.

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