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is calcium use safe for IBS-C?
During the last 4 years taking calcium supplements every day has mostly kept my constipation away, but I read that taking calcium has heart and stroke risks for women after menopause.

Now I can't stop thinking about this. I am not yet there but it will probably be soon. I asked my doctor and he said that I shouldn't be taking this much because diet is also a good source of calcium. The thing is that I know what dose of calcium works for me and reducing it causes the constipation to come back. Now I am torn.

I could use some advice!

Calcium supplements are dangerous and they are not very good at the job they are supposed to do. Calcium supplements have also been linked to the formation of kidney stones and heart attacks. Calcium should be sourced from natural food like vegetables and dairy.
This is only one study and it says that this connection was not found in other studies so I wouldn't worry yet. Also if you aren't post menopausal yet, that is another reason not to be too concerned. I am not saying they won't find a connection, but it is too early to make decisions based on the evidence. The only point to keep in mind is any concerns raised by your doctor.

You can also look at other ways of keeping your stool soft If you are trying to reduce your calcium levels. Magnesium supplements can help as well as psyllium fiber if you aren't already taking them. Many leafy green vegetables have a lot of fiber and calcium so these could also help.

I am still worried because these scientists might have found something that was missed before. I have a family risk of heart attacks so I think I should be more cautious. I will probably have to look at other solutions. Thanks for the suggestions on the food and supplements. I will look for more information on these.

You did not mention your risk of heart attacks before. If that is a risk and your doctor says you are taking so much already, you would do well in finding other ways to fight the constipation. Fiber and lots of water are good ways to soften stool if you can properly manage your diet.

I agree with Bill. While I don't give much weight to that particular study, especially considering it's only one, you're already at risk and your doctor even said you were taking too much. Simply backing off a little bit might still give you some relief without overdoing it.

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