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looking for job options for a person with RA
My mother has been a manual laborer all her life. She never had the option to get an education because her family was too poor and she was only an average student. She is no longer able to do this type of work and does not have so much saved up so still needs to work for another 10 years. I am trying to help her out by getting some options for what kinds of work she can do. I thought that people with the disease might have the best insight.

Jobs that involve sitting and using phones or computers are fairly manageable even with more painful RA. To do this work, your mother might need to get some training but it shouldn't be too complex. I think it would depend mostly on whether she was comfortable with computers. She could work for a call center doing sales or customer support. She could be a receptionist, executive assistant, coordinator, etc. It all depends on her other skills.

She isn't too bad with computers but I think I would have to convince her to use them all the time. Do you know if there are agencies that place people with disabilities like this? I think there must be but I don't know any names.

Unfortunately these organizations seem to be very local in the US. I don't know of Federal organizations that do this. We are really 50 small countries in this way. A few phone calls might be the best way to find out what is possible in your area.

One of the old adages is that "those who can't do teach". While I think it is derogatory in origin, it does apply also to people who have skills but can no longer apply them directly. If your mother has some specific skill from her work or her own interests, she could train others on how to do it. Workshops on gardening or crafts can make some amount of money.

I don't know if my mother would be comfortable in front of people but it is worth passing to her. She is a confident person. Thanks for the suggestions. I really don't want her suffering at home by herself because she has nothing to do.

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