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how long is recovery after flu with IBS-D?
After 2 years with bowel problems I was finally diagnosed with IBS-D early last year. Since my diagnosis I have worked to change my diet and most of my symptoms have been managed. That is until I got a stomach bug 3 weeks ago. It only took me a week to recover from the flu but the diarrhea just won't quit. I can't seem to get control of it again with my diet and it is very hard on my system. I am feeling so fatigued because of this.

Last week I went to GI and he had some of my stool tested. He said the tests didn't find anything so the diarrhea should be easing. The problem is that it is not and I am so raw it is veyr painful. I am worried if this is going to stay this way. Has anyone else with IBS-D had lingering effects after a flu?

My experience is that the flu does a number on those of us with diarrhea related IBS. I have had a flu and taken months to regain my control. All the while I suffered like you are now. It is very uncomfortable. My doctor was not able to help much either. I would make certain your diet is spot on and take probiotics to try to speed the rebalancing of the bacteria in your gut.

I would recommend trying to eat more foods containing vegetable fiber to try and bulk up your stool. It will help to prevent the runny caustic stool that makes for the pain. I hope you have some luck. I know it can be very frustrating when all your efforts at getting things lined up seem to fall apart.

It sounds like I am in for some suffering for a while! :( At least I am not facing my own special version of hell. Thanks for responding everyone. I am new to the forums because I was lucky before in getting things working. Its when nothing is working that it helps to vent.

Oy, that's awful. :(

When it comes to IBS, things like the flu can really take its toll on the body. It tends to last much longer and takes a while to get things back on track. I'm glad to see that you went to the doctor, but it doesn't seem like he helped too much. Did you ask for maybe something to help harden things up to get you some relief for a bit?

As for what to do yourself, you need to double your efforts on the food side. Eliminate ANY AND ALL possible trigger foods. Yes, your diet will be very bland, but you've gotta get yourself built back up.
That is very true. Feel free to vent or ask questions any time. Take care.

All you can do is be proactive about promoting digestive health. Cut out foods which inflame your gut, eat an anti-infllammatory diet and you may want to consider fermented foods. Fermented foods are full of friendly bacteria which fights the bad bacteria and promotes a health gut.
When you have any chronic condition, recovering from an acute infection such as flu is likely to take longer than normal. Flu in itself can be very debilitating, but when you also have to contend with IBS, the body has to fight so much harder to make a full recover. Get plenty of rest, eat lots of vegetables to boost your immune system and get some fresh air and exercise each day - you'll soon be back to normal. You may want to take an effervescent vitamin C tablet for a few days to help strengthen your immune system.

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