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Did you have an unexpected pregnancy where you didn[[sq]]t know you were pregnant for awhile?
I was four and a half months pregnant with my first child before reializing something was amiss. I still had what I though were menstrual periods (although they seemed light and irregular), and I didn't notice much weight gain. Of course now, after having been through two pregnancies, I would realize it right away, but I just wasn't attuned enough to the symptoms to know any better the first time (I was in my mid twenties). Anyone else had this experience? I hear of women going through an entire pregnancy and not knowing, which is hard to believe, but I can say I truly did not know until halfway through.
I did and I didn't find out until one day I miscarried. That was a horrible thing to wake up to. I miscarried in my sleep at my boyfriend's house. It was a strange day and we had a bunch of serious conversations that led to a break up. Worst time of my life.

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