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foods for osteoarthritis pain?
I have been reading around looking for foods that might help to manage OA pain. So far I haven't had any luck and I was wondering if anyone has found or read about any of these foods themselves.

Hi, there are few but not all that many. I personally know about Omega 3 fatty acids. These reduce inflammation and slow OA progression. The link below is interesting.

Turmeric also reduces inflammation so is something you could try too.

Those are the only ones I know of. Hopefully they help you.

Thank you. I take supplements for the Omega-3s but how do you take turmeric? That's the stuff that stains orange isn't it? I don't think a mouthful of spice that stains my teeth orange is something I want to try.

Another food to consider is green tea. There is a story below about it that I found interesting. I enjoy green tea once in a while, but doubt I could drink it everyday. I really have to have my coffee.

That is a good question. Sorry, I do not know how you would get the turmeric regularly. I wondered too how I could take it. If it has even the hint of benefit, there must be supplement capsules because somebody is going to make money. But, I haven't tried them so can't say if they work. I just try to use the Omega-3s and fish oil, although I worry about the lead in the fish oil and the over-harvesting.

Try researching foods that reduce inflammation. I think that I heard that sweet potatoes are good for such. Good luck.
I didn't know about green tea. If it is helpful I can start drinking that. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I found an article that is quite interesting regarding specific foods to help reduce pain. Read more:
I wish I could contribute some suggestions as I've been wondering if certain types of food help OA pain as well, but all I know of is green tea, Omega-3 Fish Oil and Turmeric. (we have Turmeric which we use on meats when cooking, but I haven't noticed any helpful effects as of yet). I have also heard of the Anti-Inflammatory diet, which can be Googled to find out more about it.
That was an interesting article that we were given the url to. I knew about turmeric I even take a supplement that has it as one of the ingredients. I also knew pretty much about Kale and green tea, so I wasn't surprised to see these listed. Salmon was somewhat of a surprise but then I remembered that fish oil is used to aid inflammation. Perhaps the one that surprised me the most listed in this article was the Greek yogurt although the reasons for eating it made sense.

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