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best breads for those with IBS?
I am looking at adding fiber to my diet a different way so I am thinking about baking bread (something new for me). It occurred to me that a good high fiber bread would be a good way to get fiber but I don't know if bread is good or bad for IBS in general. I haven't eaten it at all for years.

Bread has been something I avoided to keep things calm in my gut. I was even tested for celiac but that came back negative. I wouldn't eat it myself as something to make your IBS symptoms better. If you want to try, just hav a little bit or you may find yourself feeling a lot worse.

If you do worry about digestion of the bread, you can try making sourdough. The bacteria that feed on the dough digest many of the proteins that can cause irritation. If you have celiac, I would look at flax seed bread to avoid the gluten.

Fiber can be good, but it's going to just depend on your own body. A friend of mine practically lives off bread when his stomach is really acting up because it's the only thing that he can handle. Draagen above shows that the opposite is true for him.

I do suggest going with a white bread instead of wheat, though, so that can be harder to digest for many people.
Thanks for the tip on sour dough. That might be good just in terms of probiotics. The reason I wanted to try bread was because of watery stool. I thought that it might make things a little more firm. I don't have celiac but I haven't eaten bread just becuase most things I would put on it would cause me problems.

The best bread is no bread! Bread made from wheat is a trigger for me. Grains like wheat will inflame the gut and worsen IBS. My advice would be to cut out bread from your diet. Unless you can come up with a weird and wonderful grain free bread...
I don't severely struggle with IBS, but when my anxiety level is quite high I have some stomach issues. I find rye bread is quite easy on my stomach, and it is still pretty nutritionally dense. I eat a fairly vegetarian diet and need to include breads and grains, so avoiding it isn't possible. Also, gluten free breads in general might be a bit more helpful.

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