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Constipation returning forcefully after 2 years
I thought I was doing well. Two years ago, I made changes to my diet. I found the right dose of psyllium fiber and magnesium that was making day to day life tolerable. But it is all slipping away. The constipation and pain is back like it was before I made the changes and I can barely do anything now. Its been a month of this so far.

Can anyone recommend what I might try to get things back on track? Have these changes stopped working for good?

My experience is that the body adapts over time to what we put into it. It means that you have to shift your diet and medications every once in a while just to avoid this adaptation. Try a different fiber supplement and getting more fiber from dietary sources. Go off of the magnesium for a while. Your symptoms may be worse for a while but it my just let you get normal using a different method.

Thanks for the insight. After two years I thought the body was content with my approach. I didn't know it could take so long to adapt! I will try anything at this point because what I am doing definitely isn't working!

To get some relief, you probably want to consider getting disimpacted or having an irrigation. It can eliminate the bad pain while you figure things out.

Are you under any new stresses or did you slip up with your diet changes at all. It could just be a matter of calming things back down and then you could potentially return to the same diet you were using and be fine again. Even catching a touch of a cold could be enough to throw your system off and take a bit to adjust again.
My brother had the same problem, he thought he had overcome IBS and it returned 16 months later with bouts of constipation, bloating and other problems. My brother thinks it was triggered by a phase of stress, he lost his job and was unemployed for 3 months. Can you think what has triggered your IBS? It might not be your diet...

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