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reducing IBS inflammation with aloe?
While I was reading I came across information talking about the benefits of aloe in reducing IBS related inflammation. An asian store near me sells aloe drinks so I bought some and have been drinking it. So far my IBS seems to be getting better. I am just not sure if it is the aloe or it was starting to decline already.

Has anyone tried alow to manage their IBS severity?

Do you have IDS-D or C? The reason I ask is because aloe is also a laxative so for someone with C, it could help but for those of us with diarrhea, it could have things moving even more quickly.

My brother had serious IBS-D and he took aloe vera juice regularly. It worked where nothing else would, and after a couple of years it completely cleared up, and it hasn't returned since. That's pretty remarkable, because my brother is one of those people who refuses to eat healthily, so his cure was down to the aloe vera juice alone.
I have IBS-D and I haven't noticed the D worse than normal but thanks for raising the point. The article didn't mention any difference. That should have been a clue for me. Anyway, things are "normal" again but I think I will try it next time to see if it does help.

Certainly try it. If you can find anything that calms down the system, that is a very good and rare thing!

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