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No or Low Carb diets for IBS-D really work
I was on the Atkins diet and I have to say that the no carb diet works amazingly for IBS-D. I do not recommend it for anyone who has IBS with combination of D and C or suffering from IBS Constipation.
Also, if you have IBS-D, eating bananas and cheese the night before will help out for the next day.
Lastly, taking calcium also helps a great deal. I take 1 before each meal.
Of course, always ask your doctor before starting anything new.
These are helpful hints for IBS-D (diarrhea only).
These remedies work only sometimes. As you all know, IBS is very unpredictable so though these hints are helpful, your colon can spasm for no reason. So always be prepared!
We are all supposed to eat low carbs, this is what our genes expect since we ate low carbs through most of our evolution. The first carbs you should eliminate from your diet are grains, grains are harsh on the digestive system and can literally tear the lining of the stomach.

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