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Pycnogenol does increase sperm count!
When my husband and I were TTC, I had read that Pycnogenol The extract of the French maritime pine tree increases sperm count. So we did a sperm count before and one after one month of taking Pycnogenol and there was a dramaztic increase!
So if part of your infertility is low sperm count, I highly recommend Pycnogenol. Of course, always check with your doctor before taking or starting anything new.
This is very interesting. Is there any scientific research on the relationship between Pycnogenol. I'm glad your husband has found a solution to his low sperm count, solving problems like this naturally is always preferable. Low sperm count is also related to lifestyle habits.

I didn't realise there was anything like this to improve a man's sperm count and would also be interested in reading any scientific evidence to back it up or are you going from your own experience? I agree with Shaun that natural remedies are the best way to increase sperm count.

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