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Every time he gets a cough, he gets bronchitis...
My brother seems to have a problem. Just about every time he gets a cough of any sort, it develops into bronchitis. I don't understand why he doesn't just get "colds". Why does it almost always develop into bronchitis? Is it a weak immune system?
It sounds like maybe his immune system is just really bad. Is he being treated as soon as he gets sick, too, or is it given time to develop? If he's that susceptible to it, it sounds like he needs to go on antibiotics or something as soon as he gets the first sign of a cold/cough/whatever so it doesn't end up turning into something worse.
Bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the air passages within the lungs.Mostly it causes in cold and flu season. and I think your brothers immune system is very weak so go to doctor and ask for increasing immune system..
Your brother may have an issue of an excited reaction to the bacteria in the air. Bronchitis can create quite a few problems for people. However, you may want to have him check with his doctor on what would be causing him to have such an acute reaction each time he gets a simple cough.
I only know one person with bronchitis but she doesn't get regular illnesses. Every time she gets sick, she gets bronchitis. Always. I assumed that this was customary for all people suffering from bronchitis but if it can be prevented, that's information to share with my friend. How often is he getting bronchitis reactions? Once or twice a year?
This isn't that uncommon actually if a person has had Bronchitis once they always seem to be at a high risk for it if they get a cold yet again. So its always a good idea during cold and flu season for them to make sure they get the flu shot. Not that this will keep them from getting sick but it is an ounce of prevention. Another thing that someone who has had Bronchitis in the past needs to do when they start to get sick is go to a doctor, don't take for granted that its just a cold because it can become more if their not careful.
How old is your brother? My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis, diagnosed shortly after birth. I always get a little spooked when I hear about someone who gets a lung infection that either recurs or persists. Some CF'ers are diagnosed later in life, some even in their 70s.

Dairy products are known to create a lot of phlegm. I would advise him to avoid those like the plague. We just started using Oil of Oregano. It is one of the best things I have discovered. It's great to boost the immune system. Maybe give that a try?
My son had bronchitis when he was very young and the doctor at the time told me that once he had it once he was likely to get it every time he got a cold. Sure enough that is what happened. He is a young adult now but he still gets bronchitis when he gets a cold.
Yes, he might have a weak immune system. The risk factors for developing Bronchitis are:

1. A weak immune system

2. Old age

3. Smoking

4. Exposure to lung irritants


6. Humid weather

So it makes sense that your brother might have a weak immune system or even an autoimmune disorder if he isn't in the other risk factors. Have you checked with a doctor for a possibility of an autoimmune disorder though? You can also try giving him Vitamin C to strengthen his immune system. Another thing you could do is have him vaccinated for the influenza virus.

I hope this helps!

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