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Relieving Pain and Stiffness in Hands
Those who suffer with osteoarthritis, sometimes will have pain in their hands and stiffness in their fingers. If suffering with such an ailment, try soaking your entire hand and wrists in your facebowl at least twice a day, using the warmest water you can stand. While your hands are soaking, exercise. moving the fingers and wrists in the water. Over a period of time, the fingers will increase in flexibility and the stiffness will lessen.
Thank you so much for this suggestion! I suffer from stiffness and pain daily, but only hand. My doctor ruled out Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and attributes my issues to OA. I will try this. Again, thanks so much!
Hi there, keep doing it and you should notice the difference. I would also suggest you try Omega-3 Fish Oil capsukes daily, this will reduce inflammation and thus reduce pain from OA. I use it and it is great. Good luck.
Hi, since you are talking about pain you might want to try REMESOL , worked for me, should help you to get rid of arthritis or some joint pains if you have. My suggestions try it. OH! Its 100% Natural

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