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What do you take for your migraine?
I tried taking relpax for my migraine. I ordered it from Medicines Mexico but I think it is actually fake! Can someone suggest a good medication that I can take instead?
I get serious migraines with weather changes or when I got to a place with a different climate. My doctor recommended that I take Therabloc once a day for 2weeks so I can control the pain. I also take them when I have an upcoming exam so I won't get migraines that can affect my studying.
When I feel a migraine coming on I immediately take either ibuprofen or excedrin. I have not looked into prescription medications because of the infrequency of my migraines (one every 1-2 months). If I were a frequent sufferer, I would probably be more interested in taking something stronger.
If I feel a migraine coming on, I take Advil immediately. If I already have one, I take even more Advil and I try to sleep. I know a lot of people who benefit from Relpax (real Relpax lol), so if mine become that bad and regular I will consider starting that.
I rarely suffer from migraines but when I do it is really bad. I usually take lots of painkillers when the pain is really bad. You can buy extra strong painkillers at specialist stores, you don't need a prescription. Ibuprofen is the painkiller I have used in the past few years, it is an effective painkiller.
I have been missing Excedrin Migraine since it was pulled from the shelves. For some reason, even though they are supposed to be the same caffeine/aspirin/acetaminophen combo, the generics don't seem to work as well. If the pain is very bad, I use Vicodin. Sometimes, a simple ice pack on the back of my head (occipital bone) really helps relieve the pain.

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