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getting flaky skin from IBS diet changes
I had a dermitologists appointment yesterday because I was having dry flaky skin. As we talked about my medical history he asked about my diet from having IBS. When we were done he said I had to add more oils to my diet. He said that I needed to be getting about 50 grams of oil daily for both healthy skin and hair.

The problem is that I cut out the oil because of diarrhea problems and now I am really worried about adding oils back in. Anyone have any ideas how I can get enough of the oils?

If you are willing and able to eat salads, you could use olive oil or sunflower oil with vinegar or raspberry juice on the salad as a dressing. This will give you a chance to get a fair amount of oil. If you add walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds or flax seeds, these also have good oil content. I eat them without any issues for my IBS.

Thanks, I haven't been eating much salad but I do like it. I might even convince my hubby to eat some. He could stand to lose a few pounds.

Olive oil is excellent, and if you use first cold pressing extra virgin oil, you shouldn't have any problems with your IBS, as it's one of the easiest oils to tolerate.

Here's another idea, though - don't just eat the olive oil, put it straight onto your skin. Rub it over the dry areas, and wear some old pyjamas so you don't get too much oil on the sheets. Let the oil do its work overnight, then shower in the morning, using an exfoliant made with yogurt, honey and sugar. Your skin will be soft and glowing. You can do this 2 - 3 times a week until your skin condition improves.
Another way to get healthy oils is by eating fish regularly. Many of them have a lot of oil. I would recommend not frying them however. This gives me really bad heartburn and the combination with my IBS-D is completely miserable.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just don't like fish so I don't think I could do that. I find the flavor and smell overwhelming. I never ate fish as a kid so I never developed a taste for it. Thanks for trying.

Your welcome. Too bad about the fish but we each like different foods. Something else I can suggest is using it when grilling meats or frying eggs. If you add a little of it instead of relying on the no stick pans, it will help too without you noticing it much.

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