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Tips For CVI (Cortical Vision Impairment) in a baby.
My grand baby has CVI as a result of infantile spasms. Her eyes have been checked and they are fine. She is not getting the message from her brain to her eyes because of the scrambled brain waves. Does anyone have experience with CVI and do you know how to help the vision improve?
Our daughter also has CVI as a result of IS. The tricky thing is that the eyes are structurally fine, they are just not communicating with the brain properly. So it is not enough to practice vision, you really have to "train" the brain to see. One of the best ways of doing this is to start simple, so the brain is not overwhelmed with an abundance of input. Put down a black sheet and drape it over an ottoman. Face the baby toward the sheet and away from windows or lights (which distract kids with CVI). Then start with one basic, single color, high contrast toy, and small, simple movements. Kids with CVI are better able to see familiar objects, so let them get used to looking at ONE before moving onto the next.

Here is a good resource with more tips, which helped us a lot: []best toys for cortical vision impairment[]

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