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using orthotics for hip pain
Has anyone used orthotics to help with their hip pain? He says it could stabilize the joint. My rheumy suggested that it might help because one of my hip sockets is a bit lower than the other from the OA. The problem is that the orthotics are more than a hundred dollars. I don't want to get them if they aren't going to work.

I haven't tried them myself. My rheumy just said that I should be using good tennis shoes all the time both inside and out. If you don't want to spend the money on them, see if you can use a Dr. Scholl's insert in one shoe. If this helps a bit, then the more official orthotics might help too.

Checked out the Dr. Scholl's but they are almost $20 for the thickness I am going to get. That is definitely more than I want to spend on something I know I won't use again.

I am not sure then. Maybe someone else has some other ideas.

There are orthotics shops that have a walking surface where they can adjust the heights for each leg to try different heights. Alternatively, they can provide a temporary shoe to let you walk around the store. If you try it for 20 minutes, you will probably know for sure.

That's probably what I have to do. These things are expensive. I found some orthotics places on line that seem cheaper but you won't even be able to try first so that is no good.

Is it possible to get your doctor to prescribe them? You could then write them off as a medical expense, on your income taxes?
I did get them as a prescription fortunately. They were still expensive and I will be out the money until tax season next year. I live on very limited funds each month so it is hard.
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