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food poisoning or IBS?
Twice today I have had liquid diarrhea without any pain or nausea. I have no symptoms at all other than the diarrhea. I think it might be a stomach flu or food poisoning because this isn't normal for me but with no nausea or other flu symptoms, I don't know what I could have.

What do people think? Flu or a variation on IBS?

I definitely think it's flu, food poisoning or simply your body not liking something you ate. IBS is a long term issue that people struggle with daily because their bodies don't function well. You just have a temporary bout of diarrhea that could be brought on by any number of things. What did you eat today, for example? Anything out of the ordinary?
I get those same symptoms every once in a while and I think it is just from eating some food that was a little off. My husband had diarrhea after the same meal in one case so that is how I could tell. He doesn't have IBS or any gatrointestinal issues at all.

IBS is a complex condition, with many symptoms which vary from person to person. Some people have diarrhoea, while others are constipated. Bloating and pain are also common features. It sounds like you ate something that disagreed with you. Take a little more care to use food while it's fresh, and if the diarrhoea keeps recurring, see your doctor so he can check you over and run some tests to eliminate underlying medical conditions.
Do you still have it?

Was it is acidic diarrhea that burned your bottom? If it was, I would guess it is something that caused stomach irritation. Not all stomach problems need to cause nausea.

Thanks for answering. I don't have it now. It lasted until this morning and then was done so I am assuming it was food poisoning. I think it might be from some fruit that I ate that was damaged on the surface. My partner will finish the last ones instead because I don't want to take the chance again. My bottom was getting very tender from all the liquid.

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