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Migraines and children
I had no idea that children could get migraines. Over the weekend my niece was not feeling well, she was shaky and said she had a head ache and eventually started vomiting. When we took her to the ER they said that she was having a migraine! How do you treat your child who gets a migraine?
Since she's still a child, it is best to exercise extra caution when treating her migraines. Over-the-counter drugs could do more harm than good to her system. I suggest you take the doctor's advice and prescription and just stick to that.
I have never known that a child could get a migraine. I know they can get headaches, but I thought those were rare as well. My doctor said that most children get headaches because their vision is poor and over stressed.

Do you know what caused her headache? Has she had anymore of them since then?

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