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Can eating less Processed foods speed migraine recovery?
When I get a migraine I am down-and-out. They entire day is lost. The next day I often feel as if I have a hang over or something. I was wondering what role process foods play. I know they can trigger migraines. If you eat less processed foods will it speed up recovery time?
The processed foods could actually be the cause of your migraines even. Some people are really sensitive to preservatives and chemicals, so yes, cutting them out could not only speed up the recovery, but prevent it from occurring at all in the first place.

My mom actually struggles with this and she'll not only get migraines and pass out after eating certain foods, but it'll actually make it her lethargic the next day entirely even.
I get that kind of lethargy. I guess I never realized how bad processed foods can be to people who have a sensitivity. Now that I think about it, I have been eating more processed foods lately. I am going to try cutting WAY back.
Migraines are a severely painful headache that can be accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light, throbbing in the head and vomiting. Chronic and incurable, they may be triggered by stimuli such as anxiety, insufficient sleep and stress etc.We can also recover by changing into our lifestyle like control diet, quit smoking and drinking and by eting less processed food.
I believe so. A friend of mine suffered from chronic migraines for years. He didn't live a very healthy life, he drunk lots of alcohol, never exercised, smoked 20 a day and ate processed food. He eventually turned his life around, adopted a much healthier lifestyle and his migraines disappeared. Coincidence?
I spend the day after a migraine feeling slightly left of center as well. I eat very healthy, but I suffer from high blood pressure which can bring on the pain like nobody's business. Things I tend to stay away from when I feel one coming on are wine, Chinese food, chocoloate and any processed wheat. I do believe healthy eating can help with certain types of migraines.

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