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Headache With Dizziness
The only time I usually suffer from headaches is when I have jaw problems. Since I have TMJ, I get a headache due to my jaw semi often. I usually take some ibuprofen and I will feel better in no time.

I have had a headache since Saturday, on and off. I took some medicine and it gets better, but it comes back a few hours later. Today I woke up and was dizzy on top of my headache. I will probably go to the doctor if it doesn't disappear by tomorrow.

Any ideas of what it might be caused from?
There could be many causes for this type of headache. I think the best thing to do would be to go to your doctor. This could be something such as being sick or having a new type of migraine. But it is best to have it checked out in order to be on the safe side.
It sounds as if you were dizzy after you woke up, correct? You may have just gotten up too fast, causing a drop in your systolic blood pressure. This does happen and it is usually nothing to be concerned about. If this feeling is continuous or on-going I would get it checked out.
Going to the doctor is the best advice. Common headaches will usually be treated by ibuprofen. But since yours keeps on coming back after a few hours, the cause might be something internal. Not to scare you but that is a possibility.
Lots of things can cause these types of headaches. I always find I feel this way when I make changes to my diet. It's best to seek professional advice. I've always felt dizzy though when I get a migraine. I always thought everyone did.
Sometimes I used to have headaches and dizziness while traveling. Is that related to migraine issue?

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