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taping knees to manage pain?
My rheumatologist just retired a few months ago. Now I am going to a new younger fellow who also does sports medicine. I was just going to get a new prescription but he suggested to reduce the pills and use something called McConnell taping to help support the knees. I wasn't interested so I just cut him off because I thought he was just one of these doctors to under treats patients with chronic pain.

I think I shouldn't have cut him off because maybe he is has something. My previous rheumatologist is older than me and didn't seem to keep up with the news. I tried to search and saw a bit but would like to know if anyone knows about this and whether it might help.

Taping is quite awesome actually.

Whether or not it will help you, I don't know for sure. I do know that athletes do it a lot when they get injured or to try to help prevent injuries. Maybe ask your current doctor about it or make an appointment with the old one to see what else he has to say about it? It certainly can't hurt and if it means less reliance on pain medications, it's worth a shot, right?
What you could do if you aren't sure is to do both the pain killers and the wrap. If the wrap works then you can back off your pain medications to find the right level. You can then tell the doctor the amount that you use instead of running out because the doctor has reduces the prescription too much.

That is not a bad idea. I just don't know if he will be all interested. I sort of got mad when he started wanting to cut the pain medications.

This is not something I have heard about either so I googled "mcconnell taping osteoarthritis" and the following research came up.

From what I could get out of it, it seems to be helpful because it looks like it helps to support the joint. Other people use braces for this too. I personally think that if you are physically active, your muscles can help this way but if you are not that active because of pain, it probably can help mobility.

Apologies are always good Smile and you can always blame your mood on the pain. If he sees you are eager to try something new, it might even make it easier to negotiate keeping the current prescription and doing the wraps.

True enough. My wife said the same thing. You ladies do have a point.

ebellegreen - Thank you for the hlep. It doesn't mean much too me but I guess they saw it works.

I would agree with the person who commented about the athletes, who tape their bodies, when they have injuries to their joints. I would think that taping would help, because it gives one support when moving.
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