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My mother's heart heart rate is too slow
My mom was diagnosed with a slow heart lately. She had CTG exam (if I'm not mistaken) and it reads that her heartbeat is so slow. Besides hypertension, diabetes and stuff she's also got slow heartbeat? I'm really worried about my mom, she's also obese so currently I'm watching her diet and making sure she exercises. I'm not sure f there s any drugs that might help her heart beat faster but I don't want her to add any more medication on her list. She already has so much now with all her illnesses.
Hi there,

You have so many concerns about your family. I am sorry you have to worry for so much.

There are drugs for slowing and speeding the heart depending on your health problem. It is bad to speed the heart if a person has high blood pressure because the heart works too hard. If your mother is taking pressure lowering medications, the doctor can be helpful and add something for improving heart speed if they think she needs it. She might not but get her checked. I take my mother because she is so stubborn for not going. I remind her that her heart problem is very serious every time.

I wish your family more health!


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