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Worst burning back side in a while
My IBS-D has been in over drive this last week and the result is that my back side is so raw. I can't even wipe down there without gritting my teeth. Sitting is also a major PITA. This isn't the first time I have had irritation but usually it is just uncomfortable. Now I feel as if I was scalded. I think it is an acid burn probably. When I check it is really deep red. Sorry for the visuals!

Anyways, I could use some advice on what might help fight the pain and let me heal. My doctor wasn't really helpful and just offered to send me to a dermatologist. I am not thinking this will be helpful so I didn't bother going.

Anyways, suggestions?

Thank you

You can always use Vaseline after you have properly dried yourself off. It provides a protective layer and is soothing.

Okay, thanks that is a help. What about drying and cleaning yourself in the first place? That is what is causing me the most pain.  

I think more than creams or ointments, the key is not to rub the area at all. When I start to get this problem. I just clean enough to not make a mess and then have a 1 minute shower to clean the area with soap. If you do this, you don't have to worry about the caustic material sitting on the skin causing a burn. It is the best way that I have found.

I hope you get relief.

There is a cream for serious diaper rashes called Sudocrem. It acts like a very mild soap to clean and then a layer can be left on to help soothe and heal the area.

Thanks again, having creams is good. I also need a better way to clean in the first place. I can quickly shower when I am at home but during the day at work that won't help me! I will do this when I am home.

I picked up baby wipes and I carry a small container of these with me whenever I am out. They can wipe the sensitive spots with less rubbing so they don't irritate so much. Just make sure they can be flushed or you will be plugging toilets wherever you go!

Thanks everyone for your posts. I am sorry if I came across desperate or frustrated. I am just in a lot of pain. I will try all these suggestions and see what works. Cheers!

Do you have a bidet in your bathroom at home? My husband does not have IBS, but he does have a weakness in the bowel as a legacy of a severe bout of dysentery many years ago. He finds that when he's particularly bad, rinsing in the bidet is very soothing. He then pats himself dry with toilet tissue.

If you don't have a bidet, use a spray bottle of water with a fine spray. You could always carry a small spray bottle with you to use in the bathroom when you're on the move. It's a good idea to avoid soap, as this may make the area even more sore than it is now.
I don't have a bidet but I wish I did! The spray bottle is a good idea but you made me laugh though Sandra. I am training my kitten to stay away from some of my plants using a spray bottle and I have been carrying it around the house with me for a week. Now I am going to start carrying it around and start spraying everything that irritates me.

Thank you for the suggestion and tickling my odd sense of humor! Smile

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