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Everyone in the family[[sq]]s got HBP.
I mean almost everyone. My mom's got 'em, my father as well, my aunts and uncle are also the same. :/ I've also learnt that my grandparents on both side died because of hypertensive diseases.

So not encouraging in any way. I remember they looked healthy and fit but then.. They actually suffered from High Blood Pressure. The problem is, which I am more worried about, besides Hypertension my parents both have diabetes. >.<

I'm not sure what's the best way to actually deal with this. Anyone with a good advice that could help? I don't want both complications to complicate their conditions. One or the other can trigger activity.
Hi there!

​I am sorry for hearing that. Some of the problems with high blood pressure are for sure from your genes but good life style helps anyway. For people of southeast asian backgrounds it is even worse. A friend of mine is southeast asian and too big. She worries about diabetes and her heart because of family history. She is working hard for losing weight now and changing her diet so to stay more healthy. I think you need to get them more active and slowly change diets. Some people get so stubborn when they are older but you have to convince them for making changes. It is the only way.

Good Luck,

This problem is quite common. You need to do as much research on this as possible, so you can minimise your own risk of HBP and also advice other family members. It's possible to control the condition with diet, if it's caught soon enough - these days a diagnosis of HBP doesn't necessarily mean early death, particularly if you are active in the treatment by eating a heart-friendly diet and getting enough exercise.
It can be possible some time BP can be family problem like my grandpa was a BP patient and nw my father is also have that problem and nw its my turn i also detected as BP patient. and todays our lifestyle is worst to be a BP patient in such a early ages. bt now what to do we cant change that but we can take certain precaution to control our HBP. So, always keep record s of your BP and all You take medicines on time. Do exercise daily. meditation will help you all. Stay healthy stay happpyyyy......

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