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What non-medication methods do you use for migraines
What are some things you do to help treat or prevent your migraines that do not involve taking medication.
I don't really suffer from migraines, minus the rare occasion, but my mom does.

The best thing she could ever do was as soon as the pain know the one, where you know a migraine is coming but it hasn't hit full-force yet....she'd finish whatever she was doing quickly and then escape to a dark, cool, quiet room for a while. It would still likely hit, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad or take as long to recover from. When she'd use medication, that is also the point she'd take a pain killer, too, because if she waited until it actually hit, it was already too late and wouldn't do her any good.

Pressure also seemed to help her. I remember as a kid, she'd have me sit on her head. I know that sounds funny, but it was just an easy way to get pressure to her hold head at once without her having to exert force with her own hands. It could work if you place your own hands around the painful parts.
What I do.. I rest.. I stay in a cool area.. Usually the reason for my migraine is the weather.. the ever changing weather.. from hot to cold.. then cold to hot.. ): But mostly due to the intense heat so I try to cool my head off and it will lessen the pain. Also, I'd stay in a dark area and eventually would be able to doze off.
This is crazy but for years I was all about icing my head. If you go to Walmart, in the camping section they have Blue Ice. They last all night long! I take the small ones and put them in the knee wraps (the ones that have the pockets) with velcro. I wrap those around my forehead and then I put the big ones behind my head.
However, I met someone that said to take a hot shower! Crazy but it helps immensely. So if I do not want to get my hair wet, I put a shower cap on and turn the water up as hot as I can get it. I stand there for as long as I can take it. I then ice my head.
Also, massages help a lot. If you can find anyone to help you out, they are awesome. It kind of makes the monthly plan at Massage Envy look pretty tempting.
What I do whenever I get them is to lay in bed. Cover my head with a pillow so that I don't hear any sounds and wait until its over.
I have not found a way to prevent migraines, but I do when they are coming on. I do get the "aura" that gives me a warning. My vision becomes slightly blurry and I feel a pressure behind my eyes. If I can remove myself from whatever I am doing, I will. Removing the extra stimuli is very helpful. I try to find a place that is quiet and dark so I can close my eyes and rest awhile.
Acupuncture might also help us get better relief from migraines. This, however, needs to have a professional doing the acupuncture.
Actually migraine can be brought about by food you eat. Certain foods or drinks have instigators of migraine. To learn more about this, I kindly invite you to check out the link to my site in my profile.
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there are number of ways to cure migraine.I would like to to suggest that herbal or ayurveda is the best way to reduced migraine.Taking massage with lavender oil daily is giving fast relief from pain.
I take Relpax , I hate migraines they are horrible trust me. I feel great when i take my medication.

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