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most helping pain killer with OA
can anybody say what is best for pain with OA? i have OA since last year and the doctor gives me prescription but still i have bad pain. i think he doesnt want me having pain drugs. i was drug addicted 5 years ago and had rehab. i go to church now and beahve to see my grand daughter cause my daughter threatened me to help. it made me think and change my life. i am not down here for long so i better be a good person

god bless

If you are worried that you doctor won't provide pain medications you might ask for corticosteroid injections. Another option is the synvisc injections to help cushion the joints. You only need either of these every few months and they aren't an opioid that you might become addicted to.

thank you for your time. do i need a special doctor for these? the doctor never told me has these. i cant go far to another doctor. my knees and hips are too bad

Not necessarily. Just talk to your doctor and see what might be available. Even if you can't go too far out of your immediate area, there may be another doctor close by that can administer them.

It's also possible that your doctor actually prescribed a decent pain killer for you and it's just not working for you. You may simply need to switch to another or a slightly higher dosage, regardless of your past.
It should be something that any doctor can give you. These are just injections but try phoning before to find out what is possible. You might have to call a few clinics or doctors if yours doesn't give these types of injections.

the clinic never answers the phone. they have too many people going so i have to go there. bless you for you helping

For joint swelling and pain, you can also get Aleve over the counter. It has the same ingredients as the prescription drug Naproxen which is given for joint pain. I hope you find pain relief.

thanks for the iknd words. thanks for the drug name too. god bless

elouisaM, if you are still suffering with pain, try Omega-3 Fish Oil. I have OA, a bad back, and double knee replacement. I take the capsules and I have had amazing pain relief. The Omega-3 reduces the inflammation in your body, which reduces the pain. Good luck
Hi, since you are talking about pain you might want to try REMESOL , worked for me, should help you to get rid of arthritis or some joint pains if you have. My suggestions try it. OH! Its 100% Natural

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